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Aug 17, 2016
VENTS Magazine Interview with Maddy
Her new EP is called My Turn , out September 23. It’s full of infectious hooks and pop sensibilities, with a positive message — to help girls realize it’s okay to be themselves. Hi Maddy, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? Hey, thank you so much for having me! I have been awesome. Travelling a good bit this summer so I can’t complain! Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Kiss You Yesterday”? Kiss You Yesterday is coming from a girl’s perspective on a date-gone-well. Whether it’s the first date or one of many, it’s the very end where he has walked her up to her door. It’s a movie moment and in her head she’s like, “Come on already!” waiting for that kiss goodnight. It’s sweet. Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song? I went into my writing session with Walker Hayes, who had the title, and I had a perfect personal story to match. The boy, the date, the moment! How was the film experience? Filming the music video for Kiss You Yesterday was SO much fun. I got to work with some great people, some of which were my good friends already. I wanted to capture a girl getting ready for her date that night. If you’re excited, you could be thinking about it all day! The single comes off your new album My Turn – what’s the story behind the title? I wanted to title the EP “My Turn” for several reasons. My Turn is a track on the EP that I wrote with Chad Carlson about wanting a relationship when everyone seems to be in one except for you. I like how open and honest the song is, which is the main theme in all of my music. I want people to hear the truth of what I’m feeling and know they aren’t alone if they feel the same way. I have also never released a project before, so now it’s “My Turn” … see what I did there :) How was the recording and writing process? Writing the song with Walker was so much fun. He’s so talented. I recorded the track with Rob Hawkins who is another good one. I’m so blessed to get to work with genuinely nice people! How has music help you overcome your shyness and help you gain confidence? Growing up and being different, I never felt like I had a place. The second I would get into “performance mode,” that feeling would vanish. I learned to embrace my differences because they gave me something to stand for, as opposed to becoming what others thought I should be. Creating a community on YouTube really changed that too. Without touring, I was able to connect with people all over the world. I was hearing how my music was making an impact on young girls, specifically, and it’s the best feeling. I assume that would make anyone more confident. What role does Shania Twain plays in your music? When I think about it, I chuckle to myself. Honestly, my Shania Twain memories consist of my mom and I singing into our hairbrushes with “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” blaring in the background. I was very young when I listened to her, without fully understanding what being a professional singer was, but I knew I wanted to do what she did. I wanted to bring excitement to people by writing songs they felt were written for them. Shania connected. That’s why she’s a legend. What aspects of your life did you get to explore on this material? I’m a quirky person. I can’t help but include that when I’m writing because I want to keep the songs real and honest. The EP has feelings of impatience, doubt, longing, hope, love, self-care, and many others I’ve had in the past couple years. It’s all a learning process, and music is a way of documenting it along the journey. Any plans to hit the road? No specific plans at the moment, but I’m hoping to play more shows this Fall! What else is happening next in Maddy Newton’s world? Well I’m already writing for the next project… haha! I love filming and editing videos so I’m working on creating cool YouTube content. I’m really excited for the future. Working on the live show has been really fun too because I’m dying to get out on the road. Hopefully I’ll play near you soon :) https://twitter.com/maddynewton https://www.youtube.com/user/littlemissmakeup37 https://www.instagram.com/maddynewton/?hl=en Original Article
Aug 7, 2016
Across The Table With Maddy Newton
Everyone has their favorite YouTube personalities. Be them beauty gurus, comedians or musicians. Maddy Newton has been one of my favorite vloggers as of late, so I was excited when I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with her about her newest endeavor; music. Lately, I’ve been a huge fan of YouTube vlogs. I think they’re informative and have a ton of personality. In the process of my new “vlog phase” I stumbled across Maddy’s channel on YouTube and loved her genuine, down to earth personality, not to mention she always introduced me to awesome “favorites” I never heard of before (i.e. Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water). It wasn’t too long after, that I received an email talking about Maddy’s debut EP, launching her musical career. We first talked about where her love for music has always stemmed from and whether that, or vlogging, ultimately led her to start her channel: HERE! “I honestly started singing in pre-school,” she confessed. “I picked up guitar at 8 and was always involved in talent shows and musical theater. My family moved from Boca Raton, Florida to Nashville when I was 12 and I started writing my first structured songs instead of just little jingles, a year later when I was 13. I knew how much female musicians were role models for not only me, but my peers and I wanted to be that driving influence for young girls too. In that same breathe, I started my YouTube channel because I made a Mermaid Makeup Tutorial video for a contest entry in 2010. My first couple of years on YouTube, my videos were all beauty related. I just acted like I knew what I was talking about and thought I had to spend a ton of money on makeup to be taken seriously,” she laughed. “When I realized that YouTube was becoming a platform for music too, I started uploading covers not because I didn’t have original music, but because I wanted to build a fanbase through songs people were already familiar with and would want to watch. Then at 16, my original music came into the picture.” Reminiscent of the female artists that belonged to the early 2000’s, Maddy takes a unique approach to Pop music, adding an alternative songwriter vibe that is both honest and real. As for her favorite fellow YouTuber, Maddy says she’s done a lot of collaborations with Jacob Whiteside and loves watching Shay Mitchell’s (from Pretty Little Liars) travel blogs, which led to her first travel upload a couple of weeks ago after a trip to Montreal. “I’ve realized with new things, like travel blogs, that practice makes almost, slightly close to perfect,” she laughed. “It was a great way for me to document the trip and remember things like ‘oh, that was such a cool dumpster.’ Seriously… see for yourself. It was an art-covered dumpster!” Focusing on the music like this blog and this city does best, we talked about the driving inspiration behind her debut EP and how the songwriting process worked. “This has been a long process,” she started. “I felt like I had finally come into my own against so many industry opinions and was able to focus on my diverse influences. I just have to realize it’s a chapter and let it be what it is. While I’m already working on new music, it’s hard to leave a project exist on it’s own without wanting to tweak it,” we bonded over being type A for a minute. “I worked with amazing people on the project, though and really was able to acknowledge feelings with my music that a lot of people are conditioned to not admit. As for the songwriting, every time is different. Ideas mostly come to me when I’m driving in the car and I have to start a voice memo, or when I’m in a conversation at the dinner table and I have to either sing quietly into my phone or go to the bathroom to record it. Lyrics are easier to remember later, but a melody will leave me forever if I don’t sing it as soon as it comes to me.” Exactly a week ago, Maddy released a video for her new single, “Kiss You Yesterday” that is very Nashville, very cohesive and just all around perfect. After meeting her, it describes her and her music to a T. “I worked with great people on this project as well. J. Morris directed and produced the video and came up with the yellow and blue concept for it, which just made so much sense after he said it and I saw it come to fruition. I’m just not a visual artist so it really helped having that input. I wanted the video to the tell the story of getting ready for a date, but leaving some mystery there as to who the date was with. I wrote the song with Walker Hayes who had the title and then I used a guy I was going out with as inspiration,” she joked. “It was that feeling of getting home from a date, being at the front door face to face and thinking…’this is the perfect moment, come on!'” While Maddy isn’t exactly from Nashville, it’s all she knows as an artist and sometimes this city can be the best and worst thing for a musician trying to launch their career. Maddy’s take was all too refreshing. “When I was in Montreal I stayed with a family friend who’s also a musician and she kept pointing out that I was blessed for being able to live in a city with so many resources. I explained to her though, that can be just as overwhelming as other cities are underwhelming. It’s really important to always keep goals, but especially in Nashville, you have to remind yourself of your accomplishments. You’re always working though, because you know if you’re not, someone else is.” After talking with Maddy for only an hour, her dedication to her craft was so evident and I think it clearly shines through in the things she’s most passionate about. Just like her songs, she is an open book with a lot of heart and soul and I am so excited to see where her new journey takes her! Now you can be along for the ride, too! Original Article
Jul 1, 2016
Center Stage Magazine
Have you ever found yourself surfing the internet, looking for something new and different? Maybe you have an idea of something you want or something you would like to see. For Center Stage Magazine, we are always looking for new, fun, entertaining and talented artists. Sometimes these artists are suggested to us. Thankfully, Co-founder Tommy Lemon was introduced to Maddy Newton through Sarah Frost at the Press House. After sharing this fantastic artist with me, Tommy and I could not help but want to share her with everyone that we could. While at CMA Fest, we shared her “Not a Hipster” video with our friends Dakota and Katie at AristoMedia, and they were just as entertained as we were. We continued to play her video for other artists and fans throughout CMA Fest in Nashville, getting the same response from everyone. They all loved her. Not only does Newton shine in her vocal abilities, she shines on camera in her fun YouTube videos. During our conversation, we spoke about this and much more. Listen now to find out more about who she is as an artist, what her goals are, and what her thought process was for the direction of her debut EP. Her latest release "What Was I Thinking" will immediately have you wanting to hear more. The title track “My Turn” is significant to Newton for many reasons. Many fans will be able to relate to the message and story of this sure to be hit song as well as the title itself. What else is in store for this rising star that won her first singing competition at 8 years old? Listen to our full conversation to find out. Please be sure to follow Newton on social media and get ready to be entertained. Be ready to feel, smile, laugh and crave more because you will. Now, share this with your friends. They will thank you for it. ~Missy Original Article