Maddy Newton - Before I Knew Ya (Official Video)
We've all been there. The relationship ends and all you can think is.."I WISH I'D KNOWN BEFORE I KNEW YA. WOULDN'T HAVE FALLEN RIGHT INTO YA". Feel the heartache as Maddy sings you through it.
"Sweet Dreams / Tainted Love" Eurythmics & Soft Cell MASHUP | Maddy Newton

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My turn
Maddy Newton
What Was I Thinking
Bye Now
Kiss You Yesterday
Down Boy
Before I Knew Ya
My Turn
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Hey guys! I hope you understand my nonsense in today's video. It's definitely a train-of-thought vlog telling you "the truth about being a musician" haha. I am so blessed to be in a position where my parents are allowing me to stay in their house to save money. I love being able to create music and do things I love, but like everything else, it comes with some struggles! That's life :) I can't wait to create more content for you so PLEASE comment requests down below. Love you. xx, Maddy
Maddy Newton - What Am I To You (Official Video)
Sweet Little Lies - Bülow - Acoustic (Maddy Newton and Landon Austin Cover)
We hope you enjoy our cover of Bülow's song "Sweet Little Lies." Thanks to my friend Landon Austin for doing this video with me! Check him out here: Spotify: Youtube: Instagram: @LandonAustin Thanks Bennett for the awesome video:
Maddy Newton - Kiss You Yesterday (Official Video)
Song Written by: Maddy Newton, Walker Hayes Song Produced by: Rob Hawkins Video by: Director/Producer - J Morris Director of Photography/Editor - Josiah Sampson First AC - Corey Bost HMUA - Kristina Moss
"Don't Let Me Love You" by Maddy Newton, Jenny Ray and Allison Veltz
Song Suffragettes was asked to be a part of a YouTube Pop Up Event in Nashville, Tennessee at Black River Entertainment. Maddy Newton, Jenny Ray, and Allison Veltz were selected to be in a group together by the Song Suffragettes team (they had never written together before). In 3 hours, they wrote a song and recorded it live in front of an audience! Song Suffragettes SONG: "Don't Let Me Love You" by Maddy Newton, Jenny Ray and Allison Veltz

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Aug 4, 2019
Rhythmic Rebellion Says Maddy Newton is a GREAT FIND!
Maddy Newton is just the kind of entertainer that Rhythmic Rebellion needed to get our Artist Sponsorship program off the ground. She's a great singer and songwriter, she's funny, and a delight to work with. As a plus she is a natural in front of the video camera and her videos always come out amazing. We are excited to launch our nation wide ad campaign promoting Maddy, her music, and her brand. This partnership will increase the fan base for Maddy and Rhythmic Rebellion at the same time.
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